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Mark is founder and CEO of Adgetec Corporation, whose mission is to help organizations and their leaders realize value globally. He is a recognized thought leader, speaker, mentor, and coach. He also advises startups, sometimes hands-on as their COO on business strategy and IP management.


He is also often requested to deliver keynotes and workshops by organizations and companies. He has the opportunity to engage with audiences world wide and consistently gets highest feedback results. 


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Customer testimonials
Here is what people say about Mark.


“Mark and I have worked together within the Microsoft Business Division for many years. Mark has a great understanding of the software business and the strategies required for successful technology adoption. Mark is a hands on manager and it's a pleasure to have recently worked with Mark on a year long research project with a major university. Mark is a great manager, an innovative thinker, and would be a plus to any organization looking for leadership and experience.”

Stephen Gordon, Director US East IW Business Strategy , Microsoft

“I have worked with Mark for about 4 years and he was a critical partner to the work I was doing. Mark always delivered. He was the best kind of colleague - he would challenge my ideas, was not offended when I challenged his, and together we would look for solutions to complex problems that were critical to the success”

Joseph Williams, CTO - WW Enterprise Sales , Microsoft Corp


“Mark is a savvy, driven and decisive leader with a keen sense of how to get things done right.”

Noury Bernard-Hasan, Principal , Delta Consulting


“I always appreciate and value the focus and point of view that he brings/brought to our meetings. He thinks through all problems but comes quickly to and executes on meaningful strategies that reflect what could be done now, next and future in a planful way both for his group and the extended team. I enjoyed collaborative brainstorms with Mark as he thinks deep/challenges ideas but is also very willing to listen and consider other points of view that can complement his thinking. He is a strong leader and works very well at senior executive levels/interactions.”

Bob Anderson, Senior/Managing Dir, Business Strategy Consulting , Microsoft 


“I had the opportunity to work with Mark on several different projects at Microsoft. Mark's knowledge and passion is impressive. His ability to find the best people and bring them onto the team for their areas of expertise was excellent. Mark is a well organized manager and able to manage multiple levels of details, tasks and people for a project. He is also able to speak to non-technical people in a manner that is easily understood.” February 17, 2010

Lutz Seidemann, Lead Architect APAC , Microsoft



"I always found Mark to be a great partner, business leaders and manager of others. His high level of commitment to business ethics and standards, along with his commitment to his people was very inspirational to me. He has the great combination of excellent education along with great professional experience. I would not hesitate to partner with Mark again in the future.” February 19, 2010

Daniel Moore, Group Manager , Microsoft Corporation



“Mark is one of the most energetic and inspiring technology-savy executives I had the pleasure to work with. His ability to think outside the box and apply his ideas and expertise to real business problems make him mentor material.” April 9, 2010

Matt Oberdorfer,CEO & General Partner at Executive Ventures